by Syrah Linsley, Fruit Laureate

PC Tyler Kuiper



I’m Syrah “Sy” Linsley, Fruit Laureate, and I am finding fruit in the arts. 


My fruit obsession began in late high school and early college when I lived several years as a fruitarian (only eating fruit). After transferring from community college to Michigan State University and obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management, I made my way to my current job where I manage a supply program of fruit ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers nationwide. 


I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is not only along The Ridge—one of the world’s prime fruit-growing regions—but is also home to Art Prize: the world’s largest art competition. I love living here, because the next artistic excursion is just around the corner—whether art installations, sidewalk murals, dance events, musical concerts, or craft classes, to name a few.

But what I most enjoy finding and sharing is fruit-infused art from a worldwide community online: literary excerpts, hobby crafts, time-based installations, you name it. 


I’m a lover of words. I write essays and enjoy poetry. And I’m less interested in who Poet Laureates are (or what distinction they achieve) than in what they do: raise awareness and appreciation of their subject in new ways. I want to do that for fruit. 

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